Quality Control

Quality Testing of Well Cement

The Lengerich plant has a specific well cement laboratory for

  • comprehensive quality control during the manufacturing process,
  • final testing of well cements before dispatch/delivery, as well as for
  • technical advice and support of our well cement customers.

Dyckerhoff well cements are produced and tested in strict accordance with the following standards:

  • API Specification 10A, 24th Edition of June 2011: "Specification for Cements and Materials for Well Cementing"
  • ISO 10426-1:2009: "Petroleum and natural gas industries - Cements and materials for well cementing - Part 1: Specification"

Each order for Dyckerhoff API Well Cements is subjected to a conformity test in accordance with the above mentioned standards as well as to specific performance tests agreed with our main customers. As a proof and documentation of these testing activities a test report is issued accompanying each order.

Lengerich Plant

  • Biggest and latest Dyckerhoff plant in Germany
  • Production of well cements for more than 60 years
  • Comprehensive quality system in accordance with API Specification Q1 (ISO 9000): Holder of the API License No. 10A-0051, authorised to use the API Monogram for the following API Well Cement Classes: B-HSR, C-0 and G-HSR.
  • Besides production of other special well cements
  • Access to all major Western European seaports
  • Specially equipped well cement laboratory for product development and customer services
  • Processing of well cement orders sizes up to 10,000 t packed in Big Bags

Quality Management System

The Lengerich plant has a complety implemented and effective Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the internationally recognized standard API Specification Q1, 9th Edition "Specification of Quality Programs for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry". The API Specification Q1, 9th Edition corresponds to and even exceeds the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.

The QMS of the Lengerich plant is audited periodically by the Monogram-Program of the American Petroleum Instituts (API) located in Washington, USA. Such external audits determine comprehensively the effectivity of the QMS as well as the ability of the plant to produce and test well cements in strict accordance with the latest edition of API Specification 10A "Specification for Cements and Materials for Well Cementing".

Fulfilment of all requirements of the plant's QMS is confirmed by the "Certificate of Authority to Use the official API Monogram" and by receiving the right to mark well cements with an API license no. (Lengerich plant: 10A-0051).